A Single, Comprehensive Guide to Our Modules

manualone / manuaˈloːne / Augmentative form for the Italian “manuale”, “handbook”, from the latin mănŭālis, “handy”, derived from mănŭs, “hand”. The name is a pun as it literally means “big manual” in Italian, but can also stand for Manual One in English, as in “one manual for all modules”.

The new version of Frap Tools’ manual, containing all the modules’ guides in a single volume, which will be regularly updated with new content.

The old modules’ instructions are updated both in the layout, with new graphics, and in the content, with more detailed information.

Our goal is to offer a manual which is both informative and nice to read.

We would like to thank in advance all the readers that will pinpoint us any error, mistake or typo here.

Offer to the artist a consistent guide through any of the pieces of the “Frap Tools environment”, with easy-to-grasp cross-references.

Simplify the overall reading process with an updated layout and new graphics.

Slim down the layouts stating at once details such as warranty, safety guide and tech specs, otherwise repeated for each module.

Minimize the carbon footprint by offering a PDF which can be printed, in full or in sections, on demand by the reader. For this purpose, a two-columns layout helps to reduce the page number without sacrificing the pleasure of reading.