In music as in cooking, some degree of unpredictability is always welcome. This patch explores the other two CV layers, called ‘Variation Index’ and ‘Variation Range’. They allow you to add some motion to your sequence, without going too much off the track!


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  • 1 USTA


  1. Set up a basic patch as described in CV, Gate, Length.
  2. Select the CVA layer and push the button a second time to access the ‘Variation Index’ layer (the LED will turn green).
  3. Rotate the encoders to define the variation range individually per each stage.
  4. Push the CVA button a third time to access the ‘Variation Range’ layer (the LED will turn blue).
  5. Rotate the encoders to define the variation index (i.e., the pool of notes that may be picked by USTA) per each stage.
  6. Remind that the two parameters depend from one another, so the modification will be audible only in those stages where both Index and Range are higher than 0.